Mobile App Backend Development: Types, Benefits, Cost Range

Stanislav Zakrevskyi

Usually, when we talk about developing a mobile app, in this context, we always think first of all about the usability that the designers will provide, about the frontend that will bring what we have in mind to life. And...
Feb 14, 2024
10 min read
How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Website Development?

Olena Vodovatova

For businesses of all sizes, having a well-designed and functional website is crucial in our digital age. However, companies may lack in-house expertise, time, and resources to take on website development projects independently. This is where outsourcing website development comes...
Feb 13, 2024
18 min read
How to Build a Gamification Platform in 2024? A Step-by-Step Guide

Vasyl Polych

Today, online businesses are putting much effort into brainstorming ideas on how to keep businesses competitive, acquire more customers and motivate users to retain. Global companies are experimenting with numerous approaches to keep business afloat, from providing the best customer...
Feb 8, 2024
15 min read
How to Build a Gamification Platform in 2024? A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Build a Software Development Team in 2024?

Vasyl Polych

As a business owner, you may face many scenarios when hiring a software development team. You may have a brand-new idea for a new multi-functional product, or you may finally come up with a software solution that will bring your...
Feb 9, 2024
21 min read
How to Build a Software Development Team in 2022?
Full Cycle Software Development in 2024: Team, Process, and Pitfalls

Stanislav Zakrevskyi

Before creating a digital product, you need to find the right development approach first. Full cycle software development is just one of the many options and we are here to tell you more about it! Overview of the Full Cycle...
Feb 5, 2024
12 min read
Full Cycle Software Development
EdTech Application Development: Standards, Process, and Pitfalls [on Real Cases]

Stanislav Zakrevskyi

Global education systems are embracing a technological transformation to meet the current demand for high-quality, personalized, and affordable educational services. The latest digital technologies penetrate into all educational processes: teaching, learning, assessment, and performance reporting. Not surprisingly, the e-learning market...
Feb 5, 2024
15 min read
Edtech Application Development
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