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Company Size

120+ employees 

general overview

Over 13,5K businesses are already growing with Referrizer!

Business Challenges

Moving from a regular marketing platform to automated software with superb usability

Digital strategy formation

Our team extensively analyzed the client's business goals, industry landscape, and target audience. We delved into market research, competitor analysis, and customer insights to develop a customized digital strategy. This involved identifying the most effective channels, defining key performance indicators (KPIs), and outlining a comprehensive roadmap.

UX redesign

By conducting extensive user research and applying user-centered design principles, we redesigned the Referrizer platform's user interface to be visually appealing, intuitive, and optimized for efficient workflows, resulting in an enhanced user experience that drove engagement and satisfaction.

Functionality automation

Through advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques, we automated lead generation, implemented personalized email campaigns, and provided real-time analytics, empowering users to streamline their marketing efforts, save time, and achieve actionable insights for effective campaign management. 

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Services We Provided

Product Discovery
UI/UX Design
User Testing

Values we delivered

Comprehensive redesign for usability increasing
Our team carefully analyzed the existing design, identified challenges, and implemented a fresh and intuitive user interface (UI) that enhanced usability and engagement. This redesign breathed new life into the platform, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for marketers and end users alike.
Modern design solutions for high user engagement
Leveraging the latest design principles, we crafted a visually striking and contemporary interface that captured the attention and conveyed professionalism. By incorporating sleek aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and attention to detail, we created an interface that reflected the client's brand identity and positioned them as a cutting-edge player in the market.
Flexible software for easy business scaling
Our team created a robust and scalable architecture that enabled the client to tailor the platform to their specific needs, accommodating various marketing strategies and evolving business requirements.   

The Unparalleled Software Design Lifecycle We Followed

01. Exhaustive discovery and planning

  • Business and user goals were formalized
  • Market research was performed
  • Competitive research was performed
  • Product personas were described
  • Customer journey map was created
  • Main functionality was defined
  • Tech requirements were set
  • Scope of work for designers and developers was determined
  • Project timeline, schedule, and milestones were set
  • Resources were planned and a team was gathered
  • Discovery workshops with stakeholders were conducted
  • Product concept was finalized

02. Smooth UX/UI design

  • Design system was created from scratch
  • Product design concepts were reworked to improve product interaction and set clear logic
  • Regular internal and client design workshops were conducted to prioritize tasks and agree on design concepts
  • Information architecture was created to highlight relevant design principles for visuals, functionality, interaction, and navigation
  • UI kit was created from scratch
  • Wireframes were created based on new design system elements
  • Clickable design (hi-fi prototypes) was created

03. Insightful user testing

  • Product design was tested in all browsers and extensions
  • Product was tested for compliance with the design documentation
  • Product features and functionality were tested
  • Users’ acceptance testing was conducted
  • Product compatibility with other software and hardware was tested
  • Product performance was tested

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Personalized approach and technical details

Product requirements
Discovery workshops
Discovery workshops
Project and task management
Design and prototypes
Project duration
1,5 Years
5 Specialists
Project manager, Business analyst, UI/UX designer, QA engineer, Design lead


For Referrizer, we created wireframes for the reputation management module. Accordingly, in this module, our task was to redesign the layout so that it became intuitive for different user groups. First, we got rid of all unnecessary items and buttons. Then, we figured out how best to reorganize and divide information to make it more user-friendly and understandable.

Design System

For the Referrizer platform, we created a UI kit from scratch. This comprehensive UI kit allowed us to complement the product design system, which in turn improved the quality and speed of product creation.


01. In-depth dashboard

As a team of visionary designers, we crafted the exceptional dashboard exclusively for Refferizer users. Here users can:

  • Immerse in a world of actionable data, where every action within their reputation accounts unfolds before their eyes.
  • Witness the dynamic surge in review counts, monitor the evolving rating that speaks volumes about their brand, and revel in progress achieved since their first step into the Refferrizer platform.
  • Experience a seamless onboarding journey with the Let’s Get Started panel, thoughtfully designed to empower new users with swift mastery of the platform’s capabilities.

Our user-centric approach extends further with personalized recommendations, unlocking a realm of possibilities to enhance users’ Referrizer experience and propel their growth.

02. Boost reviews

This is a page showing different ways to interact with users and different campaigns they can run.

03. Reviews management

Here users can see all the reviews they have received, and choose which to publish and which not. In this block, users generally perform various operations with their reviews.

04. Review widget

Users have the ability to copy this widget and paste it into their site. He/She can also choose what kind of widget will be and how it will look on the site.

05. Responsive design

After we developed the overall design for the Referrizer platform, we made a responsive version so that users could use it from any device. For the responsive version, we optimized the dashboard, developed convenient navigation and thought over how each detail will look on the platform. 

We made sure that the activity panel has multiple states at different stages of the user experience so that users can quickly and conveniently find the information they need at different stages. We figured out how achievements should appear on the mobile version so that if users visit Referrizer from their phone, they have access to them and can share their progress with their community. We also made the filter more convenient and mobile-friendly.



After meticulously crafting the UI/UX design, our dedicated team embarked on an extensive testing process to ensure a flawless user experience. Employing a comprehensive range of testing methodologies, including usability testing, functionality testing, and performance testing, we left no stone unturned in our quest for perfection.

By rigorously assessing the platform’s performance and identifying and resolving any issues or inconsistencies, we guarantee that each interaction within the Referrizer ecosystem surpasses expectations. Our commitment to thorough testing guarantees a seamless and reliable user experience, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.


Transforming business with exquisite UI/UX design

Our collaboration yielded transformative results as we delivered an exquisite UI/UX design that propelled our client’s business to new heights. The impact was profound, generating tangible and valuable outcomes. The design captivated their target audience, fostering trust and credibility, resulting in increased customer engagement and conversion rates. With an intuitive and visually appealing interface, users experienced enhanced satisfaction, leading to higher levels of loyalty and advocacy.

Furthermore, our user-centric design approach streamlined workflows, saving valuable time and resources for our client and their customers. The efficiency gained through our UI/UX design optimizations allowed for increased productivity, enabling our client to focus on core business strategies and growth opportunities. 

Ultimately, our sophisticated UI/UX design delivered exceptional value, empowering our client to stand out in a crowded marketplace, forge stronger customer relationships, and achieve sustainable business growth. The results speak for themselves – increased engagement, improved user satisfaction, and a strengthened brand presence.


“The design work provided has exceeded the expectations of the internal team, leading to an ongoing engagement. Northell delivers quality results that cover every possible scenario. The team goes above and beyond to ensure the goals of the client are met.”
Andre Cvijovic
CEO, Referrizer
country USA

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