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Company Size

1-10 employees

general overview

Divvy: The end-to-end project that simplifies and optimizes your investments with our affordable, user-friendly portfolio management tool.

Business Challenges

Crafting the Divvy investment portfolio tracking and reporting tool with a focus on user interaction.

Thorough Market Analysis for Monetization Strategy

Our business analytics thoroughly examined the client's business objectives, niche dynamics, and audience demographics. Through in-depth market research, competitor scrutiny, and customer feedback, we crafted a personalized digital strategy. This contained pinpointing optimal channels and mapping out a detailed roadmap for strategic implementation.

High user engagement and retention

Outline a compelling FinTech app with broad functionality so as not to overwhelm potential users, providing a user experience that encourages active and confident interaction.

Effortless and Smooth Functionality

Successfully integrate intricate formulas and calculations into the application's code, which not only computes investment portfolios but also presents various complex indicators flawlessly. The goal is to ensure reliable operability, eliminating bugs for a smooth and reliable user experience.

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Services We Provided

Product Discovery
UI/UX Design
Mobile Development
User Testing

Values we delivered

StockApp Superiority
Delivered a robust StockApp, empowering you to seamlessly manage your portfolio in real-time and reflect on past performance. Set and achieve both short and long-term goals while staying informed about the overall market situation. Experience the convenience of comprehensive portfolio management at your fingertips.
Market Insight Simplified
Crafted a dynamic stock aggregator, liberating users from independent calculations. Our solution presents intricate charts of performance indices, offering a one-stop shop for a holistic market overview. Witness the power of simplicity in understanding complex market dynamics.
Expanding Growth Opportunities
By building the application to be scalable, we ensured that it could easily grow and adapt to future needs, providing ongoing value for changing requirements.

The Exceptional Lifecycle of the Product we delivered

01. Thorough exploration and strategic preparation

  • Business and user goals were formalized
  • Market research was performed
  • Main functionality was defined
  • Tech requirements were set
  • The scope of work for designers and developers was determined
  • The project timeline, schedule, and milestones were set
  • Resources were planned and a team was gathered
  • Discovery workshops with stakeholders were conducted

02. Seamless UX/UI design

  • The design system was created from scratch
  • Regular internal and client design workshops were conducted to prioritize tasks and agree on design concepts

03. Distinctive development

  • Product functionality was implemented feature by feature according to design and SRS documentation
  • Regular team meetings were conducted to fine-tune the product
  • Code and QA peer review was conducted

04. Careful testing

  • Product features and functionality were tested
  • Product integration with other systems was tested
  • Product performance was tested
  • Product security was tested

05. Appropriate maintenance

  • Issues reported by end users were handled
  • Ongoing product maintenance and support were provided

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Personalized approach and technical details

Product requirements
Discovery workshops
Discovery workshops
Project and task management
Design and prototypes
Project duration
6 months
7 specialists:
1 Project manager, 1 Business analyst, 1 UI/UX designer, 1 Mobile developer, 1 Back-end developer, 1 Tech lead, 1 QA engineer.



Design System

Creating a unique design for the Divvy project, we developed a custom style guide including fonts, color palette, buttons, margins, icons and more. Creating a sophisticated identity unique to the client` product, we collaborated on color choices for each application category. This design allows our team to create a product that reflects the individual brand essence envisioned by the product founder.


01. Dynamic Dashboard

Implemented a feature-rich panel presenting real-time metrics on trades and dividends. Allows users to specify date, market, and price preferences. Visualized diversity report facilitates easy tracking of asset allocation by sectors, strategically minimizing risk and maximizing long-term gains through a well-diversified portfolio.

02. Monthly Dividend Tracking

Engineered a seamless tracking and analysis system for monitoring dividend income streams with real-time, automatic data calculations. Empowers users to effortlessly monitor and gain insights into the regular income generated by their portfolio, ensuring informed financial decisions.

03. Performance Graphs

Introduced performance graphs for visualizing investment trends over time, aiding in goal tracking and portfolio trend identification. Provides users with a comprehensive visual tool to track their financial progress, identify portfolio trends, and work towards achieving their objectives.

04. Automated Analytics

Developed an automated solution for advanced performance analytics, including returns, dividends, currency fluctuations, and transaction history. Eliminates manual spreadsheet tasks, consolidating all information in one place. Users benefit from automatic generation and visual display of results, saving time and ensuring accurate insights into their financial data.



Our Experience in End-to-End Portfolio Management Development

Divvy is your go-to companion for investment portfolio mastery. Seamlessly manage, monitor, and elevate investment decisions with real-time insights into performance and dividends. A user-friendly tool that transforms the way you navigate the world of investments. The development team at RewiSoft was tasked with creating a user-centric solution, resulting in the birth of Divvy – an interactive and user-friendly investment tracking and reporting tool.

Our client sought a comprehensive solution that not only addressed the technical complexities of portfolio management but also provided tangible benefits for their business and end-users. Key challenges included the need for scalability, sophisticated analytics, and a seamless user experience.

Through exhaustive discovery, planning, and dedicated development efforts, our team not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Divvy stands as a testament to the successful fusion of technical prowess and user-centric design, offering a comprehensive solution that transforms the investment experience. The scalable architecture, coupled with intuitive features, positions Divvy as a valuable asset for our client’s business, providing a cutting-edge tool that empowers users with seamless, informed, and visually appealing investment portfolio management.


“Divvyapp and RewiSoft have shared a complicated and rewarding history over the course of our apps development and planning, We would be remiss if we were not clear about just how helpful and diligent the team at RewiSoft really is.

Our collaboration bore many great moments of teamwork and persistent problem solving, we would often go back and forth discussing and dissecting features until one or more solutions were made and it was always an enjoyable experience. RewiSoft was not only responsible for our apps development, in fact they were only meant to get us started by capturing our vision and designing our apps layout and Ui, but we quickly realised their capabilities and determined that we would love to continue working with them to develop our website and most importantly coding our application. When we heard news that RewiSoft had spread their expertise into the app development field we were thrilled as we knew we could lock in a successful avenue to reach our app's end goal with a team that we were already familiar with and who made the transition seamless.

Impactful and Innovative are two words we would use to describe the work poured into our app by our team at RewiSoft, it is very safe to say that we brought a large project to the table and they were quick to recognise the amount of work that would be involved. Through RewiSoft's initiative and dedication they proved that they could not only develop our app to expectations but also provide valuable insights into the app store, api's, app Ui, back end services and a whole lot more.

Working and communicating with RewiSoft was always a pleasure, we would arrange calls that best suited us and our busy schedules, while having instant access to our team members.

Overall we know that the team at RewiSoft is capable of satisfying any companies app development, website development or Design needs and we are truly thankful for working with them!”
Adam Milione & Adam Larosa
country Australia

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