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Company Size

5000+ employees

general overview

This bank represents the leading Bank in Greece, with a 29% market share in terms of customer loans and deposits.

Business Challenges

Improving the user experience

Our solution: Location of all important and frequently used functions within an easily accessible area for the user. Creation of informative and associatively understandable icons. Setting goals for each of the application screens and filtering information. Placing emphasis on the main actions of each of the application's screens. Improved readability of information on some screens with new fonts and colors.

Ensuring the speed and safety of operations

Our solution: Hiding the card number and the owner's name on the application's main screen. Adding the ability to quickly copy the card number by long clicking on the card number. Updating the onboarding and adding tips for the user to master the application quickly.

Increasing loyalty to the bank

Our solution: Use of current design trends to update the visual part of all application screens. Structuring information on each of the screens of the application. Adding confirmation of the operation's success to give users an understanding that they did everything correctly.

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Services We Provided

UX/UI Audit
UI/UX Design
User Testing

Redesign Before/After

Main suggestion: Reduce all application cards to a common look, give them a modern design and easy recognition, group them by purpose, and highlight the main components to increase the security of users' data, as well as to increase the convenience of use and provide a positive experience.
01. Main Screen


The visual style looks inconsistent. There is no overall concept and well-thought-out UI. Incorrect and inconsistent use of primary color. Not fully informative and associatively understandable icons, which are used on different functionality. Different icons are used for the same functionality. Added shadows without saving the concept, which degrades the visual component. There are too many shades of gray, which complicates visual perception.



We increased data security by hiding the card number and name (the user will receive this data after clicking on the card). The user experience has been improved by moving the “transfer” function to the most accessible zone and the “mobile” function to the less accessible one, according to the frequency of use. We added the ability to long-click on the card number so that users can quickly copy it for further use.

02. Wallet


The design of the cards looks outdated. There is no concept and idea. There is also no follow shadow style and button style, which makes the app look unprofessional.



We updated the visual placement of cards in the wallet, which will resemble a real wallet and give the user positive emotion. According to modern research, for users, a swipe is easier than a click, and during onboarding, we will give the user a hint on how to interact with the wallet. Such movement will speed up the user’s interaction with the cards, increasing the ease of use.

03. Deposits


On this screen, it is a mistake to use two main (accent) buttons, which is against the rules of UX. It will confuse the user and shift the focus. Also, there are too many uppercase, different styles and placement of buttons, and too many text styles look unprofessional and too flashy. There is a sense of aggressive marketing on the screen, which will make the user defensive and buy less.



We made several important improvements to this screen:

  • Added the amount of savings as an element of motivation.
  • Separated deposits and piggy bank to increase the desire of users to fill each of these screens.
  • We left the “Open deposit/piggy bank” button in the middle, in front of the eyes, but made it less intrusive and aggressive, as if easily offering the user to increase savings.
  • The appearance of the cards has been slightly changed, making them more modern.
04. Product screen


Difficult readability due to upper case and bold italic letters. It is not clear how to close this screen, which is a gross violation of Nielsen’s convenience heuristics of user control and freedom.



As per the task, we updated the visual component and made this screen more consistent and modern.

05. Success screen


There is a lack of additional information regarding the transaction details, where the money was sent, and how much. There are also very different styles of text in the buttons, which emphasizes the inconsistency and remoteness of a single concept.



We added two lines of important information – to whom the payment was sent and the amount because it is important to give users an understanding that they did everything correctly at each stage of the interaction. Also, we added the ability to cancel a transaction to give the user a sense of control.


Personalized approach and technical details

Product requirements
Discovery workshops
Discovery workshops
Project and task management
Design and prototypes
4 Specialists
Project manager, Business analyst, UI/UX designer, Design lead


Redesigning the app for usability improvement

As a result, our team conducted a detailed UI/UX audit of the application, highlighting the main problems and shortcomings. We offered two options for updating the visual part of the application – small changes to improve the user experience and a complete redesign to solve all issues.

Thanks to our redesign, the client received a product that attracts users, encourages them to take certain actions, and provides the ability to use money quickly and safely. After the redesign, loyalty to the bank and usability increased significantly.

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