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Company Size

10+ employees

general overview

The main goal of the BridgeX platform is to help people evaluate their business ideas, finalize them and start developing their projects.

Business Challenges

Building an advanced mentoring platform from scratch

Product development from scratch

Our client faced the daunting task of creating BridgeX entirely from scratch, necessitating significant time, resources, and expertise. With our guidance and development services, they successfully brought this unique educational tool for novice entrepreneurs to life, ensuring it stood out in the market.

User-friendly design

Our client recognized the importance of an engaging and user-friendly platform but needed assistance in achieving this balance. Our design team, armed with modern design trends and usability tricks, was able to translate the client’s idea into reality and create an attractive and, most importantly, convenient design for all categories of users.

Subscription-based product development

Monetizing BridgeX through subscriptions was a complex endeavor, requiring strategic pricing and continuous value delivery. Our market research, pricing strategies, and ongoing support ensured our client's subscription-based model thrived and fostered a growing entrepreneurial community.

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Services We Provided

Product Discovery
UI/UX Design
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Quality Assurance

Values we delivered

Design solutions for great usability
Our team brought exceptional value by designing user-centric solutions that made BridgeX an immensely user-friendly platform. We conducted in-depth user research, gathered feedback, and iterated on the design to ensure that novice future entrepreneurs found the platform intuitive and easy to navigate. This commitment to usability not only attracted users but also contributed to higher user engagement and satisfaction.
Monetization strategy and community growth
Our expertise in crafting a successful subscription-based model was instrumental in our client's ability to generate revenue while maintaining affordability. By conducting thorough market research and developing strategic pricing models, we helped them strike the right balance. Additionally, our continuous support in delivering valuable content and features fueled community growth, ensuring long-term success for BridgeX.

The Comprehensive Product Development Lifecycle We Followed

01. In-depth discovery and planning

  • Business and user goals were formalized
  • Market research was performed
  • Competitive research was performed
  • Product personas were described
  • Customer journey map was created
  • Main functionality was defined
  • Tech requirements were set
  • Scope of work for designers and developers was determined
  • Project timeline, schedule, and milestones were set
  • Resources were planned and a team was gathered
  • Discovery workshops with stakeholders were conducted
  • Product concept was finalized

02. User-friendly UX/UI design

  • Design system was created from scratch
  • Product design concepts were reworked to improve product interaction and set clear logic
  • Regular internal and client design workshops were conducted to prioritize tasks and agree on design concepts
  • Information architecture was created to highlight relevant design principles for visuals, functionality, interaction, and navigation
  • UI kit was created from scratch
  • Wireframes were created based on new design system elements
  • Clickable design (hi-fi prototypes) was created
  • User testing was conducted to collect feedback and make small improvements

03. Complete development

  • Technologies were chosen and architecture was set up
  • Product functionality was implemented feature by feature according to design and SRS documentation
  • Regular team meetings were conducted to fine-tune the product
  • Environment and CI/CD were set up
  • Product design was tested in all browsers and extensions
  • Final code review & testing were conducted
  • Delivery presentations for our founding team and other project stakeholders were conducted

04. Comprehensive testing

  • Product functionality was tested in all browsers, extensions and on different phone sizes
  • Product was tested for compliance with the design documentation
  • Product was tested for compliance with the technical documentation
  • Product features and functionality were tested
  • Users’ acceptance testing was conducted
  • Product integration with other systems was tested
  • Product compatibility with other software and hardware was tested
  • Product performance was tested
  • Product security was tested

05. Gradual deployment and integration

  • Gradual deployment of product features once they are tested was started
  • Early user feedback was collected
  • Code reworks and improvements before the product is fully deployed to the production environment was made

06. Proactive maintenance

  • Issues reported by end users were handled
  • Ongoing product maintenance and support were provided
  • Bugs were troubleshooted and fixed
  • Product upgrades were accompanied

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Personalized approach and technical details

Product requirements
Discovery workshops
Discovery workshops
Project and task management
Design and prototypes
Front-end development
Back-end development
Project duration
1,5 Years
5 Specialists
Project manager, Business analyst, UI/UX designer, QA engineer, Design lead



Design System

Our design team developed the design system for the BridgeX platform from scratch. We created all the necessary elements for the platform (icons, headings, dropdowns, inputs, etc.) For the primary color of the platform, we chose green, which symbolizes success, purity and reliability. We chose an orange color that goes well with green for accent elements.


01. Onboarding

Onboarding for new users begins with a small questionnaire where they should talk about their business idea, describe their motivation, the amount of time spent forming the concept, etc. This onboarding helps users get started with the platform and use it to the maximum.

02. Questionnaire for entrepreneurs

We created this questionnaire, which consists of several stages so that platform users (beginning entrepreneurs) can tell as much as possible about their business and its main idea. After the questionnaire is filled out, all answers are transferred to a mentor who can study information about the business and subsequently help entrepreneurs develop it.

03. Personal profile

For each of the personas, we created personal profiles through which they can use the BridgeX tool. Personas can view their dashboards, view statistics, reply/view answers, etc., using their personal accounts.

04. Mentor dashboard

The mentors’ dashboard displays the number of users they mentor, the industries in which entrepreneurs work, statistics of active and inactive users, and statistics of the increase in the number of users every month.

With the help of the dashboard, mentors can view the answers to the questions given by their users and add their comments/advice/thoughts to them.

05. User dashboard

On the dashboard, users can see the progress chart of the questionnaire they filled out. The progress is divided into steps that the user should go through to get their personal mentor. The dashboard also has a project time frame and an ideation panel.

06. Calendar

In order to make it convenient for users to choose a project time frame (start date and due date), we added a special calendar to the platform, opening which users can quickly select the dates they need.

07. Subscriptions

The BridgeX platform works on a subscription basis. In order to get a personal mentor and start developing your business, the user should buy a subscription. We developed 2 types of subscriptions. The first one allows users to use the platform, and the second one allows them to get a personal mentor.

08. Payment system

We added a payment system to the platform that allows users to pay for BridgeX tool subscriptions.


Development & QA





For the development of BridgeX, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies to create a robust and responsive platform. Front-end development was powered by React.js, known for its versatility and performance in crafting intuitive user interfaces. On the back end, Node.js provided a reliable and scalable foundation, enabling seamless data processing and efficient communication between the server and client.

Employing Agile methodology, we facilitated close collaboration, quick adaptability, and incremental updates in response to evolving requirements. Quality assurance played a pivotal role, encompassing unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. This rigorous QA process ensured BridgeX’s stability, reliability, and a feature-rich experience upon launch.


Crafting mentoring tool with robust performance and usability

Our collaboration on BridgeX brought about remarkable outcomes. BridgeX’s user-friendly design, driven by our expertise in usability, garnered widespread acclaim.

Thanks to the simplicity, visual appeal, and well-structured functionality of BridgeX, an increasing number of young entrepreneurs successfully launched and grew their businesses, exemplifying the impact of our design and development services.

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