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Company Size

50+ employees 

general overview

BuilderPad is a SaaS construction management platform for managing all construction processes and the entire team's communication.

Business Challenges

Building a construction management solution with broad functionality

Adapting BuilderPad for new functionality

BuilderPad project needed to introduce new functionality to expand the platform's capabilities. The initial version of BuilderPad was not designed with adaptability in mind, which made integrating new features a complex task.

To address this issue, our team had to reevaluate the product's information architecture and make it more scalable. This restructuring allowed us to seamlessly incorporate new tools and features into the platform, providing users with a more comprehensive and versatile construction management solution.

Revamping the user experience to attract users

The platform's existing design was outdated, and this posed a barrier to user engagement. To overcome this challenge, our design team embarked on a comprehensive redesign process. We maintained the platform's branding colors to ensure consistency but implemented a series of user experience (UX) enhancements.

These changes not only refreshed the platform's visual appeal but also made it more user-friendly, ensuring a more satisfying experience for both existing and potential users. The redesign aimed to address the need for a modern, attractive, and intuitive user interface.

Understanding user needs through competitor analysis

In order to meet the evolving demands of BuilderPad users, a critical step was to conduct a thorough competitor analysis. To gain insights into the features and functionalities that BuilderPad users lacked, we interviewed users of competing construction management products.

This competitive analysis allowed us to identify gaps in the market and compile a comprehensive list of features that needed to be created or enhanced. By understanding the pain points of users within the construction management industry and analyzing what competitors were offering, we were able to prioritize the development of new features that would set BuilderPad apart and meet the evolving needs of our target audience.

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Services We Provided

Product Discovery
UI/UX Design
User Testing

Values we delivered

New UI/UX design for the platform simplification
Thanks to the new design, the platform was filled with air and became more understandable for users. All functionality is structured, and all elements of the platform are in place. Users need a few seconds to complete the targeted action on the platform.
New functionality for communication within the platform
In order for users to communicate with each other without leaving the platform, we created an Activity Feed that allows them to share files, set tasks, create thematic posts, etc.
Progress tracker creation to improve work efficiency
Thanks to this feature, the efficiency of work on projects has increased significantly. This functionality allows users to control the implementation of each construction process and ensure that everything is completed on time according to the established deadlines.

The User-Centered Product Design Lifecycle We Followed

01. In-depth discovery and planning

  • Business and user goals were formalized
  • Market research was performed
  • Competitive research was performed
  • Product personas were described
  • Customer journey map was created
  • Main functionality was defined
  • Tech requirements were set
  • Scope of work for designers and developers was determined
  • Project timeline, schedule, and milestones were set
  • Resources were planned and a team was gathered
  • Discovery workshops with stakeholders were conducted
  • Product concept was finalized

02. Engaging UX/UI design

  • Design system was created from scratch
  • Product design concepts were reworked to improve product interaction and set clear logic
  • Regular internal and client design workshops were conducted to prioritize tasks and agree on design concepts
  • Information architecture was created to highlight relevant design principles for visuals, functionality, interaction, and navigation
  • UI kit was created from scratch
  • Wireframes were created based on new design system elements
  • Clickable design (hi-fi prototypes) was created

03. Valuable user testing

  • Product design was tested in all browsers and extensions
  • Product was tested for compliance with the design documentation
  • Product features and functionality were tested
  • Users’ acceptance testing was conducted
  • Product compatibility with other software and hardware was tested
  • Product performance was tested

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Personalized approach and technical details

Product requirements
Discovery workshops
Discovery workshops
Project and task management
Design and prototypes
Project duration
6 months
7 Specialists
Project manager, Business analyst, 3 UX/UI designers, QA engineer, Design lead

Design System

For BuilderPad, we complemented the design system with new elements that looked harmonious with those already existing on the platform. We developed new elements of the platform considering the mobile version of the product. The UI design of the platform has mostly stayed the same. We used light colors and shades to add air to the platform and make it calmer.


01. Dashboard

All construction projects are displayed on the BuilderPad dashboard. Depending on which users use the platform, they have access to one project or several. Thanks to the dashboard, users can find out project details, create a new project, edit existing projects, etc.

02. Scheduling

This feature is necessary in order to divide each project into separate stages and stages, in turn, into separate items. Users can manage their schedule with three unique views: calendar view, list view and Gantt view. This feature has the following capabilities: auto scheduling, overdue alerts, critical path, Gantt project baselines and weekly outlook.

03. Progress tracker

Thanks to this feature, users can control the execution of individual stages and items. They see the performance of individual processes in a percentage ratio.

04. Activity feed

With the help of this feature, users can organize, filter and catalog all activities, communication, photos, videos and documents during the construction process. Collaborative sharing and feedback help ensure great team communication (and happy clients) from beginning to end.

05. Selections

This feature allows users to add the necessary selections for construction. Users can set a total budget and allowances for cost transparency while keeping clients within budget or aware of overages. This functionality displays the state in which each of the selections is located (approved, purchased, used, etc.)

06. Push notifications

Push notifications allow for timely alerts and notifications to keep each project on track. Notifications have specific controls that keep users updated without being annoying.

07. Geo-location

This feature helps project managers find nearby projects. Also, using a special filter, managers can find nearby projects, and this makes it possible not to waste time searching for data on the location of each of the projects.



Following the completion of the UI/UX design phase, our team embarked on a critical step in the BuilderPad project – User Testing. This phase was instrumental in ensuring that the platform not only looked appealing but also functioned seamlessly and intuitively. During the User Testing process, we engaged a diverse group of users, including both existing BuilderPad users and individuals unfamiliar with the platform, to assess its usability and effectiveness.

User testing involved a series of scenarios and tasks that closely mirrored real-world construction management processes. Participants were asked to navigate the newly designed platform, provide feedback on their experience, and report any difficulties they encountered. This feedback was invaluable in refining the user interface and experience, ensuring that every interaction was intuitive and that users could effortlessly access the new functionality. 

The insights gained from User Testing were instrumental in fine-tuning BuilderPad to meet the needs and expectations of our users, ultimately resulting in a more user-centric and efficient construction management solution.


Crafting a construction management platform with superb usability and broad functionality

BuilderPad project results have been transformative. Through our efforts, we successfully executed the redesign of both web and mobile versions of this construction management platform – reinvigorating user interface and experience. Furthermore, this revitalized the outdated design by making it more visually appealing and contemporary.

BuilderPad has quickly evolved into an effective and versatile solution for construction management with the addition of new functionalities. Not only have these changes expanded its capabilities but have also made it more flexible to meet ever-evolving professional construction requirements, becoming user-friendly and attractive so as to engage both newcomers as well as long-time users of BuilderPad. Our work on BuilderPad has resulted in a revitalized tool ready to efficiently and elegantly meet industry demands.

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